The first half of the @NFL season has blitzed fans with insider access

We’re halfway through another amazing @NFL season — and the league, teams, and players have brought their Twitter fans along for the ride of every moment on and off the field.

Teams have showed fans the funnier side of the grind:

Some brought you inside the huddle:

…on the field:

…and into the locker room:

Here are some great GIFs:

And awesome Vines:

Players have given fans a glimpse of their lives:

Players also turned to Twitter after suffering injuries:

And thanks to Twitter Amplify sponsors, @NFL has offered fans on Twitter in-game highlights, game previews, recaps, behind-the-scenes clips, and more.

Twitter data

While we just ran through some of the best content from the @NFL, teams and players, we also wanted to sum up what fans have been Tweeting the most about during the season. Through the first half of the season, these are the most-Tweeted games:

These are the most-Tweeted moments:

What players have fans buzzing? These are the most mentioned players thus far:

And here are the most-mentioned teams:

Weekly NFL recap

Following the #NFL action on Twitter ensures you won’t miss a single moment of the season. But if you do miss a big play or moment, follow @NFL and @TwitterSports for updates.

You’ll also want to watch and follow the @RichEisenShow for a weekly segment every Monday on how the NFL played out on Twitter. And don’t forget to check out @TwitterMoments for the best of the NFL on Twitter. Here’s a recap of last week’s top NFL moments:


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